granova® is also used in applications within landfill construction measures, be it e. g. access roads, profiling layers or gas drainage construction

Safety and structural stability with granova®

Landfill sites are built based on the multi-barrier principle. Each barrier provides sufficient environmental protection against possible adverse effects from waste disposal. The legal background for landfill sites comprises the EU landfill directive and associated national legislation.

Landfill management requires reliable partners

Companies that operate landfills bear long-lasting responsibility for the safety of the environment, from the planning phase to the actual operation and eventual closure of the site. Besides ensuring that adequate resource plans are in place, one of the day-to-day tasks of running a landfill is to make sure that all monitoring activities are carried out and documented in accordance with technical and legal requirements. This additionally provides transparency for all stakeholders, including residents and communities.

Landfill planning and construction

According to the Landfill Directive, all landfill sites shall be classified into one of the following classes:

  • Landfill for hazardous waste
  • Landfill for non-hazardous waste
  • Landfill for inert waste

The class influences the required structural and monitoring measures at the landfill site. Over-ground landfill sites are generally built based on the multi-barrier principle, encapsulating the waste. Each barrier is meant to provide sufficient protection of the environment from the possible adverse effects of waste. The complexity of construction depends on the materials to be landfilled. Technical requirements concerning the construction cover issues such as stability, emission control or the integration into the local landscape.

landfill principle

The landfill principle: encapsulation of waste to avoid possible exposure to the environment

granova® for landfill construction

The drawings below show the principles for base and surface sealing. The technological properties allow granova® to be used as a secondary material in the base sealing, surface sealing or in technically necessary construction measures such as profiling, gas drainage or compensation layers.

base sealing
surface sealing

Example set-up of a base sealing

Example set-up of a surface sealing