Embankments provide a local recovery area for secondary mineral materials while at the same time ensuring noise protection to for residents in Kassel, Germany

A solution for noise plagued communities

The residential areas of Kassel-Oberzwehren and Kassel-Nordhausen were exposed to increased noise from the motorway A44. Although corresponding noise levels did not legally entitle the residents to noise protection measures, the city of Kassel nevertheless wanted to improve the situation.

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A major noise protection barrier using IBAA is being built in Kassel

Embankments as protection

After appropriate consideration, a decision was made to build embankments that combined noise protection and visual relief. Owing to a restricted budget, it would have been difficult to realise these voluntary protective measures. Consequently, the Kassel Environmental and Parks Department decided to specify cost-effective construction with secondary materials. One of the embankments was finished in 2008 after four years of construction. The other one, in Nordshausen, is scheduled to be completed in 2018.

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Example cross section of one of the Kassel embankments


The city of Kassel, as the owner of the project, acquired the land on which the embankments are built. The raw material for the IBAA used in the embankment originates from the Kassel energy
from waste plant.

Before the construction of the noise barrier began, contracting companies built the
appropriate infrastructure.

This included providing access roads to the site, an office, the required technical equipment such as a vehicle scale to control ingoing and outgoing material flows, and a truck tire washing facility in order to avoid the pollution of surrounding areas. This infrastructure ensured a controlled construction process and, since quantities of up to 4,000 tonnes per day had to be handled, it also formed the basis of the project's success.

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Key facts at a glance

Noise protection and visual relief at no cost!

The city of Kassel is convinced of the technically proven and sustainable method of construction, as well as the economic and environmental benefits. As the city uses the embankment as a reliable and safe method of recovery, taking in not only municipal IBA but also other mineral waste such as demolition material from local projects, the construction is able to be completed without cost. Also, residents view the project in a positive light: Due to the embankment, the noise situation has already improved noticeably – an economically and ecologically successful project.