Be innovative: HEROS as the first supplier in the Netherlands produces and markets its certified IBAA under the granova® brand for use in concrete

The Dutch are setting standards

The first country to specifically regulate the use of IBAA for use in concrete was the Netherlands, where a new guideline called “CUR aanbeveling 116” was introduced in October 2012. It amends EU and Dutch standards and defines the use of IBAA as normal weight aggregate in reinforced and non-reinforced concrete structures. The application in pre-stressed concrete is excluded.

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The CUR regulation

“CUR aanbeveling 116” allows for the replacement of natural sand and / or gravel in the following quantities:

  • up to 20 Vol.-% in reinforced concrete and
  • up to 50 Vol.-% in non-reinforced concrete and non-structural concrete

In accordance with this guideline, IBAA can be used in strength classes from C 12/15 up to C 30/37. Also, IBAA is permitted in reinforced concrete of all exposure classes excluding XA2 and XA3. The use of cement types CEM III/B and CEM II/B-V is mandatory for the environmental classes XD and XS.

For non-reinforced concrete and concrete products, the “CUR aanbeveling 116” permits the use of IBAA in all strength and environmental exposure classes.

The matching BRL 2507„Evaluation guidelines for the KOMO® product certificate AEC granulate as additive for concrete“ came into force in October 2013. This regulation allows for the production of concrete and concrete products with IBAA under the KOMO® certification.

Innovation made by granova®

The first company in the Netherlands to market IBAA for the high quality application in concrete is the REMEX subsidiary HEROS Sluiskil B.V. The plant processes around 700,000 tonnes of MSWI bottom ash per year. Due to significant research and development efforts and relevant investments into plant technology, the ash is turned into a high quality building material that complies with the new Dutch regulation.

HEROS delivers its IBAA for concrete with the according CE and KOMO® certificate, marketed under the brand name granova®. granova® concrete aggregates are valued by customers as a sustainable and financially attractive alternative to primary aggregates, offering a real competitive edge to concrete producers.

KOMO®-Certification - NL
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