• References - Concrete: HEROS

    Concrete: HEROS

    Be innovative: HEROS as the first supplier in the Netherlands produces and markets its certified IBAA under the granova® brand for use in concrete

  • References - Earthworks: Het Groene Schip

    Landscaping: Het Groene Schip

    Major landscaping projects require vast amounts of mineral materials. Secondary aggregates contribute to a project near Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • References – Noise reduction barrier: Kassel

    Noise reduction barrier: Kassel

    Embankments provide a local recovery area for secondary mineral materials while at the same time ensuring noise protection for residents in Kassel, Germany

  • References - Road works: A61

    Road works: A61

    Three kilometre of motorway near the Dutch / German border: An alternative bid by a consortium won the contract and reduced the costs of construction significantly

Proven advantages

The following examples demonstrate a range of projects in which IBAA was selected for use as secondary aggregate. The benefits include social, economic and ecological aspects – such as improving residents’ susceptibility to noise while providing local recovery space, lowering the total construction costs of roads and providing competitive advantage to concrete suppliers.


Concrete: HEROS

High end use for IBAA: In the Netherlands granova® is produced for use in concrete applications – with the according CE marking and KOMO certification. more
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Landscaping: Het Groene Schip

Next to the North Sea Channel in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, one of the biggest landscaping projects to incorporate the use secondary construction materials is currently being built.
s granova references het groene schip

Noise protection barrier: Kassel

Noise protection and visual relief for local residents at no cost: Kassel shows that mineral resources from IBAA or rubble can be re-used for the benefit and well-being of communities.
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Road works: A61

145,000 tonnes of granova® quality in the subgrade of the road: an economically and technically challenging autobahn project on the Dutch/German border. more
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