• Application - Road and Earthworks

    Noise protection, Embankment Kassel

    Embankment South Interchange, junction A44 Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe

  • Application - Concrete


    In the Dutch market, its outstanding properties enable the use of granova® in concrete products in volumes of up to 50% of total aggregates

  • Application - Landfill Construction

    Landfill Construction

    granova® is also successfully used in landfill construction measures

  • Applications - Road Construction

    Road construction, A61

    granova® is ideally suited as subgrade, base or capping for roads

For use in road and landfill construction, noise protection barriers and concrete

As a pioneering construction material derived from incinerator bottom ash aggregate, granova® is well suited to ensure optimal economic viability across a wide range of construction projects.


Roads and Earthworks

Roads must be constructed in a way that restricts the negative long-term effects of exposure to traffic and climate. Alongside detailed planning processes, the selection of construction materials and execution of works comprise the most important influencing factors that will ultimately ensure the durability and economic viability of roads. At the same time, ecological aspects, such as the protection of the earth’s resources and environment must be taken into account. more
s granova roads and earthworks


Recycled concrete and recycled aggregates have been used in concrete production for many years. The basis for their use in structural concrete are the European Norms EN 206-1 and EN 12620, which were introduced more than a decade ago, and which explicitly include secondary and recycled aggregates. more
s granova concrete

Landfill construction

Landfill sites are built based on the multi-barrier principle. Each barrier provides sufficient environmental protection against possible adverse effects from waste disposal. The legal background for landfill sites comprises the EU landfill directive and associated national legislation. more
s granova landfill constructionu